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Community Focused


Spiritual Pillar

Bishop William Curry is the Spiritual Pillar Director. He is also a spiritual leader of a local church and chaplain for one of the largest Hospital Systems in Indiana. Bishop Curry and other local pastors will mentor, counsel and teach the Word of Faith that will restore value to men, women, and our youth. This spiritual program brings meaning, purpose and the needed change to the heart of each individual that will help unity and involvement in our community.

Mental Health Pillar

Crystal Kelly is the Mental Health Pillar Director and a Mental Health Therapist who collaborates with other Licensed Mental Health Counselors, Family & Marriage Therapists, and Social Workers to help clients with coping skills and managing client's Mental Health. This will increase stability, confidence, self-worth for individuals and stronger family units.

Mental health

Educational/Arts Pillar

Christopher Riley is the Educational Pillar Director and the Academic Advisor at Ivy Tech with 28+ yrs in Education. Christopher, along with other Educators will facilitate and utilize the curriculum in place to decrease the dropout rate by assisting students and adults in decision making for their future. These opportunities

will enhance their skills and equip them for success as an employee or business owner, which will improve the economy in our community.


Clifton Lathom is the Arts Pillar Director and Founder of A Brighter Day Arts Academy. 

Sports Pillar

Michael Ayres is the Sports Pillar Director and Coach/Mentor for over 40 yrs. Coach Ayres will join with other local, experienced and trained Coaches to conduct youth and adult programs, educational classes and social enrichment activities, plus building the sports program to focus on the goal of building and creating a strong community. The sports program will make a positive impact, develop skills, educate and mentor for a disciplined mind and body that will create leaders in our community. 

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Financial Pillar

Brightpoint & DR Financial- are the Financial/Economic Pillar Directors who will come along side other Licensed, Certified Financial Advisors and Bankers to educate students and adults to be financially independent and attain sustainable prosperity which in turn will enrich the community.

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