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Community Focused!

Join our Community Youth/Young Adult Choir.

Clifton Latham

Arts Director

  • Worship Pastor and Student Pastor at New Covenant Worship Center

  • Producer, Musician, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Choir Director

  • Founder of Brighter Day's Arts Academy


Community Builders

Courses, Programs and, Performances for All Ages

-Exposure of Creativity-


  • Structured classes and state of the art Technology in a safe learning environment

  • Lessons for preschoolers, students, senior citizens & high functioning special needs

  • Performing Arts, Dance, Vocal, Community Choir, Theater, Musical Instruments, etc.

  • Culinary, Martial and Visual Arts

  • Develop self-worth, creativity, skills and talent

"Overall success is not found in
skilled development alone, 
but in the empowerment of the entire vessel." 
-Cliff Latham-

Drum Lessons

Bass Lessons

Key board

Let's Hear From You

Need help or want to volunteer?

Let us know if you need help with your education/arts or want to volunteer in helping someone. You can help by giving donations or volunteering your time and resources to our cause.

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