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Community Focused!


Mike Ayers

Sports  Pillar Director

  • Supervisor of Neighborhood Programs Jennings Recreation Center

  • Supervisor of Cooper Community Center

  • Sports program coordinator

  • Head Reserve Basketball Coach for FWCS

-"Develop a New Athlete" through training for students K-12 & adults-


  • Scheduled classes, private and group training/coaching 

  • Sports events, tournaments, internships, fitness/nutrition and wellness programs.

  • Adding Little League along with sports specific training 

  • Participation in giving back and paying it forward type programs 

  • Positive impact, develop skills, talent for a disciplined mind and body 

"You must not only have competitiveness but ability, 
regardless of the circumstance you face,
to never quit." 

Let's Hear From You

Need help or want to volunteer?

Let us know if you need help in becoming a better athlete or want to volunteer in helping someone. You can help by giving donations or volunteering your time and resources to our cause.

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