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Brightpoint & DR Financial
Financial Pillar Directors

  •  Licensed & Certified

  • Federal & State Compliant

-Connect, Inform, Empower Men, Women,

Students and Businesses-

• Individual counsel, coaching, classes, seminars and workshops
• Basic needs and wants, checking and savings accounts, budgets and tax reduction
• Asset protection, insurance, investments, retirement, estate planning, business planning and tax resolutions
• Creating independence, peace of mind, more choices, hopes and dreams, leaving a legacy


Finance is not merely about making money. 
It's about achieving our deep goals and
protecting the fruits of our labor. 

It's about stewardship and, therefore,
about achieving the good Society.

-Robert J Schiller-

Let's Hear From You

Need help or want to volunteer?

Let us know if you need help in becoming financially educated or want to volunteer in helping someone. You can help by giving donations or volunteering your time and resources to our cause.

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