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Stats & Reasoning to Support Arts

How U.S. Communities are Using the Arts to Rescue Their Youth and Deter Crime


“Young people who are involved in making something beautiful today are less likely to turn to acts of violence and destruction tomorrow. The Arts-whether they be during or after school-provide opportunities for youth from all backgrounds to do something positive and creative with their talents and their time. We all need to support the arts. In doing so, we are telling America’s youth that we believe in them and value what they can be.” – Janet Reno, Atty. General, U.S. Department of Justice


Every day 2,833 children drop out of school


Youth account for 18 percent of all violent crime in the US and 33 percent of all serious property crime


Every day 135,000 children carry a gun to school.

Arts programs divert youth from gangs, drugs and the juvenile justice system; provide a more cost-effect approach with better results than traditional programs like basketball camps or boot camps.


Reduce truancy and improve academic performance and build critical self-discipline, communication and job skills.


The future of this country is being shaped by the development of our youth. With $7 billion spent annually to incarcerate youth offenders and school dropouts costing taxpayers another $71 billion each year, U.S. communities are taking a long, hard look at the dramatic and promising results gained by establishing arts programs.

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