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James Scott

James E. Scott Sr. is one of Fort Wayne, Indiana’s mobile experts and a community visionary leader.James is the owner of multiple TGFMobile stores in Fort Wayne. For more than 30 years, James hashelped many people find and develop their voice, by extending his reach beyond the music studio and mobile phone industry. James is now lending an open mic to social media through a platform called Neutral Voices.

 James is grateful and has not forgotten about the people who have patronized him faithfully over the years and helped him reach the goals he has now accomplished. James has strategically collaborated with other community leaders to design a blueprint and process that delivers awareness, truth, and positivity. James believes in empowering all communities to build relationships that will unite and bridge the divide to a culturally illiterate city.

James’ unique blend of spirituality, down-home humor and unquestionable meekness, is all it takes to create consistent retention with customers and selected business partners. James is more than active in his community. He has moved beyond the walls of day-to-day brick and mortar to global networking. James is a business savvy entrepreneur. As founder and co-owner of His House Men’s Apparel, he has heard the men in the city and caters to their fashion needs.

James has been called to the front line of helping the black community grow. He has worked hard to pull together a team that will focus on revitalization of the black community. They have created an organization by the name of O.N.V (Our Neutral Voices). The mission is to build up an oppressed and broken people. Intentionally focusing on Black America, the target is to revitalize hope, the mind, the body and the importance of unity and ownership. Understanding this concept is key. They have also taken the time to start a Media Company that will allow them to control the narrative of the movement of O.N.V.


 Tune in to Neutral Voices as James takes you on a journey into the minds and hearts of all communities. He will expose you to the knowledge of one of Fort Wayne’s greatest informational outlets of facts, opinions and truth. As well as being the founder of One Sound-One Love, Neutral Voices, and Our Neutral Voices - the people’s platform, he is also a certified electrician, a musical engineer, and a skilled musician. But he is most proud of being a proud father and a servant of God.

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