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Community Focused



Black Americans (BA) prove daily we’ll work hard for “MONEY” instead of learning how to have money WORK HARD for us. We work to earn, spend (we’re especially good at this one) and save a bit – in that order. The higher the circulation of dollars in a community, the greater the economic stability and opportunities for economic growth. According to Greenwood Bank

(a Black owned institution), a dollar currently circulates only six hours in a Black community, compared to 20 days in a Jewish community and 30 days in an Asian community. While a study by the University of Georgia’s Selig Center for Economic Growth revealed that money circulates one time within the African American community, compared to more than six times in the Latino community, nine times in the Asian community and an unlimited amount of times within the white community. Blacks have an estimated $1.3 TRILLION gross national income but only two percent is re-circulated in the Black community.

BA have access to large sums of money. It’s been reported that if all the money BA earns was brought together collectively, as a population WE would be the 5th RICHEST NATION on earth!

That is significant. Unfortunately, we DO NOT bring our money together collectively. Obviously, our group doesn’t recognize its “POWER” as potentially being the 5th richest nation in the world!

ONV has plans for change including . . .

1. Re-education about money using proven systems used by WEALTHY financial educators:

  • Dr. Boyce Watkins

  • Dr. Lynn Richardson

  • Dr. Claude Anderson


2.Invitation to individuals and families for Financial Coaching to become Financially Intelligent:

  • Certified Financial Coach will offer basic training for a reasonable fee.


3. Introduce youth to basics of business ownership & earning money God’s way:

  • Youth ages 8-15 can join ATP (All Things Possible) TeenPreneurs which trains youth to think, behave and get paid as entrepreneurs.


4. Understanding/Establishing “4-Walls” that MUST be in place to achieve personal Wellness:

  • Food

  • Shelter

  • Clothing

  • Transportation


5. Adopt a Millionaire Mentor (MM) and learn the difference between an ASSET and a LIABILITY:

  • Choose a MM from among those suggested by FP staff.



Each of the five (5) processes above will be applied per individual/family and monitored by the Financial Pillar team. All staff members will have completed personal financial training via previous exposure to Ramsey Solutions curriculum or will do so before interacting with ONV families enrolled in the above programming.

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