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            Our Neutral Voices (O.N.V) is a proponent of education and believes wholeheartedly that Each One, Teach One.  An investment in today’s future is a profitable gain tomorrow.  O.N.V will engage the community in programming that prepares youth or adults for post-secondary educational opportunities.  O.N.V has partnered with Ivy Tech Community College Fort Wayne/Warsaw to expose local citizens to the major and career pathways offered on campus.  Ivy Tech’s mission is to Change Lives one student and family at a time.  O.N.V will place emphasis on the Career and Technical Education Fields which are experiencing a shortage of qualified labor. 


            Career and Technical Education uniquely integrates fundamental skills with complex technological advances.  The program, Workplace Winners will prepare all participants with career readiness and job preparedness skills that will bolster one’s competitiveness and leadership ability.  The mission of Our Neutral Voices is to change the complexion of today’s leading manufacturing, healthcare and non-profit industries’ workforce. 


            O.N.V is an organization that endeavors to change the career and educational trajectory of those who are of African/African American descent.  You will not regret investing in the mission of Our Neutral Voices. 

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Malcolm X, Slain Nation of Islam Leader


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