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Clarence Smith

Clarence Smith is a native of Fort Wayne.  He grew up in the South/Southeast section of the city. Clarence graduated from Wayne High School in 1991. While at Wayne Clarence played football and ran track, but Clarence found his true passion in music. While in the 9th grade Clarence began learning how to produce music. He has been in music production since he was in high school. After high school Clarence went on to attend Alabama A&M University in Huntsville Alabama.

 Upon his completion of college at AAMU. Clarence seriously began working in music. Clarence started working with many local artists. Clarence also worked with a youth organization called Create Teen Pride. There he worked with many talented young people. He worked with singers, dancers and rappers. He helped many advance to Star Quest, a state wide talent show that was held in Indianapolis, IN, that was hosted by the state chapter of the Indiana Black Expo.

 Throughout the years he has worked with many local and national artists. Clarence though still living in Fort Wayne, spent many years working with artists out of Detroit and Chicago areas. He wrote, produced and even managed several artists during that time. In 2010 Clarence founded Last Dime Entertainment. In 2016 Clarence opened his first recording studio. In 2017 Clarence co-founded the gospel label WyzeMen3 which features gospel award winning artist Darius D Darling. In 2018 Clarence helped found Loyalty Is Famous LLC. LF is an independent music label based out of Fort Wayne. Also, in 2018 joined a group of fellow entrepreneurs build Surge Strategic Marketing Group that soon transformed into Neutral Voices Media Group. They formed this group to do some grass roots work that would effectively help their communities.


 Their vision is to create a platform where various issues in their community can be addressed and also push the Narrative for change in our communities.

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